Need Help changing back to windows

Hi, so i have tried manjaro for some weeks now, but i want to change back to windows to play some games whose anticheats do not let me play from linux. So i created a bootable usb drive using ventoy, but whenever i try to install windows into the ssd i have it said that i cannot install it because i need it to be formated as NTFS. I only have this external usb drive and the ssd in my laptop, how would i go around to format the drive which is currently running manjaro into ntfs?

you need to format, or first delete the partition where you want to install windows… you do it from the windows setup …

Yes i thought of that but the windows installer does not let me delete or format the partition i have, and i dont know any other way to do it

you click in the windows install menu on delete or format buttons… if you are using btrfs, maybe windows cant format it, so boot into manjaro usb and delete/format the partition from there…

do you get this error message when you try “windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space the partition contains one or more dynamic volumes” or something similar.

if that is the case you have to press fn + shift + F10, that will open a terminal or maybe it is called a console, type “diskpart” and hit enter then type “list disk” and hit enter you will propably see a disk called Disk 0, type “select disk 0”, then type “clean”, try installing again

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This is the Manjaro support forum. we don’t support Windows.

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