Need help again deleting folders

Hello everyone I installed Vesktop over Discover and i removed it over discover but some files are left and i cant remove them manually with right click it is in: /var/lib/flatpak/repo/refs/remotes/flathub/app/ and the folders are named: dev.vencord.Vesktop

I am still new to linux so sorry if this is a stupid question and yes I heared that discover should not be used for installing system relevant stuff but i thought Vesktop isnt for the system

The option when right clicking “Move to Trash” is greyed out

Try using pacman to remove.
Or pamac, it has got a GUI and when it is properly installed, it will be visible as such there also.

Stay away from Discover.
Use it for what it’s name suggests - to discover stuff.
But don’t use it to install stuff.

as the very last resort:
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/flatpak/repo/refs/remotes/flathub/app/dev.vencord.Vesktop

If you can’t remove it any other way as you say.

I have zero experience with flatpak - someone else will likely tell me that I’m wrong with my last command suggestion.

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flatpak remove --delete-data --assumeyes  dev.vencord.Vesktop

Ouch, I gave Vesktop a spin last week - but not the flatpak… It had an annoying habit of not letting me resize the window.

Discover is okay for - well - discovering things, seeing alternatives and stuff… but I never install with it.

add/remove (pamac manager) is good, but if you found it in discover I’d generally install in terminal:

flatpak install vesktop will set it looking for matches:

flatpak install vesktop
Looking for matches…
Found ref ‘app/dev.vencord.Vesktop/x86_64/stable’ in remote ‘flathub’ (system).
Use this ref? [Y/n]: 

Webcord is much nicer - I used it a year or so now with no problems, so maybe give that a spin… but just install in the terminal:

pamac install webcord-bin - nice and quick, no building.

You’re right about not being able to delete system files easily, this is how it’s meant to be.

The way to deal with flatpak is also terminal, and it’s pretty friendly (meaning you don’t have to type too precisely):

flatpak list

If it’s there, then just

flatpak remove vesktop

And as megavolt already posted, you can go with '–deletedata --assumeyes` to make it a bit cleaner.

Also, the ‘search’ thing applies - just flatpak remove vesktop would do the trick, but maybe it’s worth putting an alias/abbreviation:

purge-flatpak = flatpak remove --deletedata --assumeyes

Going in and manually hacking system files isn’t a great idea - I have a couple of functions that do the trick though:

  1. Remove empties:
    rmdir0 - find -type d -empty -delete
  2. Just nuke that ■■■■■
    rmdir!! = rm -vdrRR
  3. Stop 'efff’ing about:
    rmdirf = doas rm -vdrRRf.
flatpak remove --delete-data --assumeyes  dev.vencord.Vesktop

No installed refs found for ‘dev.vencord.Vesktop’

Well, then it is not installed. Why would you need to delete empty folders? Does it still cosume space? Let flatpak do it its way… /var/lib/flatpak/ is fully managed by flatpak itself. No user data involved, they are at $HOME/.var/

That would consume space:

du -ha /var/lib/flatpak/app | sort -hr | head -30