Ndiswrapper for kernel 5.10

I’ve been checking both the official repos and the AUR but there is nothing there. how can i install ndiswrapper on manjaro?

uname --kernel-release


Hi @overclock351,

Searching for “ndis” reveals:

$ pamac search ndis
Platform agnostic UI, NanoVG imitating the Blender 2.5, single C header file.
linux54-ndiswrapper                                                                                                                                                                                                          1.63-138             extra
Module for NDIS (Windows Network Drivers) drivers supplied by vendors.
ndiswrapper-utils                                                                                                                                                                                                            1.62-13              extra
Utils for NDIS (Windows Network Drivers) drivers supplied by vendors.

that it seems not to be available for you kernel (5.10``) (yet)

So try downgrading to kernel 5.4 first, then installing it.

Hope this helps!

The project isn’t maintained anymore:

I don’t think anything is planned at this point. There is not much interest for ndiswrapper, as the Linux driver support for the recent WiFi hardware got much better.

So as @Mirdarthos suggested either you can use kernel 5.4 or apply this patch for kernel 5.10 as suggested here (the patch is originally for 5.8 but will work for 5.10):

Any alternatives? i need something that acts as a wrapper to windows drivers

thanks for the patch. will try!

The patch worked! thanks

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