Nautilus Wipe?; Software Center Crashed; and finally mullvad? So many questions in one topic!

First up, I’m new here, and new to manjaro (and I guess Arch too?), so hi! I use nautilus in almost all my linux distros that I’ve used over the years only because it has (with extensions) the ability to quickly remove metadata in the browser, and wipe files/folders/free space. I installed nautilus on manjaro but I don’t know how to install the extensions, mainly the nautilus-wipe extension that I could normally with apt. How do I do that on manjaro? Or better yet, is there a built-in function on manjaro that does that? Or perhaps some software on the software center? I am exclusively looking for GUI based wiping and not command line wiping for various reasons I don’t want to get into.

Second, I was installing some software (can’t remember what software now) and right after I selected apply, I clicked on the search icon to do another search in the software center. Moments later it closed, assuming it crashed. How do I know if it did crash? How do I know if all the software installed? I don’t remember what I was installing for the life of me. lol Is there an easy way to search for this?

Lastly, I use mullvad in all my machines. Mullvad uses systemd for their apps, and I believe manjaro also has systemd built in. I tried installing mullvad using the .deb using a couple methods and none of them worked. They do have a note in their FAQ that says, “Does Mullvad work on Manjaro or Arch Linux?” that explains they have no official support for it, which makes me sad, but they did mention something about an unofficial AUR package which I don’t understand any of that or the link it links to. Granted I can use WireGuard and OpenVPN but I really need a GUI for my needs. Has anybody had easy/decent luck with getting mullvad on manjaro? I know it’s a long shot but I figured I would ask.

Anyway, thanks for your time!

Oh before I forget, there’s a remove metadata option that can be added to nautilus that I can’t remember how to do. Anybody got info on that?

Searching nautilus extension pulls up a number of packages…

 13 extra/sushi 44.2-1 [89.12KiB 363.12KiB] (gnome)
    A quick previewer for Nautilus
 12 extra/seahorse-nautilus 1:3.11.92+r96+g0fd324c-1 [162.53KiB 854.33KiB]
    PGP encryption and signing for nautilus
 11 extra/rabbitvcs-nautilus 1:0.19-1 [9.78KiB 21.10KiB]
    Nautilus extension for RabbitVCS
 10 extra/python-nautilus 4.0-2 [34.94KiB 217.46KiB]
    Python bindings for the Nautilus Extension API
  9 extra/nemo 5.8.4-1 [985.97KiB 3.93MiB]
    Cinnamon file manager (Nautilus fork)
  8 extra/nautilus-share 0.7.5-3 [68.10KiB 306.52KiB]
    Nautilus extension to share folder using Samba
  7 extra/nautilus-sendto 3.8.6+28+gc87aac4-1 [61.92KiB 218.45KiB]
    Easily send files via mail
  6 extra/nautilus-image-converter 0.4.0-1 [22.42KiB 84.73KiB]
    Nautilus extension to rotate/resize image files
  5 extra/nautilus-empty-file 1.2-2 [21.12KiB 802B]
    Provides context menu 'New Document' functionality for Nautilus
  4 extra/nautilus-admin 1.1.9+5+ga51885e-4 [21.44KiB 15.44KiB]
    Extension for Nautilus to do administrative operations
  3 extra/libnautilus-extension-docs 44.2.1-1 [1.03MiB 1.83MiB]
    Extension interface for Nautilus (documentation)
  2 extra/libnautilus-extension 44.2.1-1 [32.18KiB 233.83KiB]
    Extension interface for Nautilus
  1 extra/nautilus 44.2.1-1 [2.26MiB 13.15MiB] (gnome)
    Default file manager for GNOME

Almost might as well be an .exe … debs are for debian/ubuntu.

But there are mullvad packages in the AUR.

Please take some time to get acquainted with software management in general.
(its not the same as on ubuntu)

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I encountered a few other programs that aren’t compatible with majaro that I need so I’m just going to go ahead and switch to a different distro. I appreciate your time.

You likely have access to them in the repos or the AUR … but sure, whatever you’re comfortable with.

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