Nautilus unable to open a remote file

Hello!! when i open a remote file (index.html) from nautilus, the browser point to a virtual gvfs ej: ///file/run/user/1000… an the page return error.

In my old computer, the page is open normaly in the browser…

What is the problem? thanks in advance!

More information is needed. Is the the remote file system accessed via samba, sftp, nfs…? What error do you get?

What does mount show when you attempt to access the remote file system?


Hello. i use FTP and can open and edit the files in the remote hosting, but when i, try to open the file (ej. index.html) at double click, nautilus open the browser in a local adress (file:///run/user/1000…etc) and not in te web. Otherwise, with my old manjaro, i can do it…THanks!!

I can only speculate (I don’t use Gnome) that the application you’re attempting to open the file with does not handle remote file system access, and uses Gnome’s userspace virtual filesystem (to handle it as a local file instead). However, you still haven’t explicitly described the error that you get. Do other file types/applications succeed in this situation?

Is this similar to the issue you’re having?

That is normal → because the file has be fetched → and since it is html your system is configured to open the browser - not an editor.

If you want to change behavior - rightclick any .html file and choose open with - select your preferred application - if it is not readily available - locate it - optionally tick the box Set selected application as default for the filetype.

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I missed the html file type and that a browser was the application in question. It makes sense now. :facepalm: