Nautilus managed windows icons can't be clicked

After the latest update, the icons of the windows I opened with filemanager Nautilus (e.g. home/music) can’t be clicked: close, minimize, … I can only close those windows from the taskbar.

You can change it in gnome-tweaks (Optimierungen):

Sorry cannot change the language, but here is it in German:

Thanks @megavolt . I know these settings and they don’t solve the problem. I can see the buttons, but they can’t be clicked. It seems as if another (invisible) program blocks the mouse-click on these buttons.

So when trying to click on that button, the mouse moves/glitches away, so that you cannot click on it?

Or does it just not respond?

Please check your extensions, disable them and also check your theme, which is in use.

Thanks for your ideas @megavolt !

There is no mouse-over effect on these buttons that are on window-frame top (like for and backward, minimize, maximise, close). And the buttons don’t respond at all. Other buttons on the same window react. E.g. I can click folders or files in the folder-window and they open.

Anyway, I will check the extensions and the theme…