Nautilus doesn't seem to use GTK4

Hey everyone,
I did the latest stable update the morning.
My Gnome is now 44, as expected, but, especially Nautilus, doesn’t seem to use the libadwaita/gtk4.
forum.manjaro. org/uploads/default/original/3X/1/c/1c9ba3d352f2fd7fe10849d01ab30be2ab7ddda5.png
Any idea ?

Thanks !

Nautilus has been using Libadwaita since 43.0.

I agree. That’s why I don’t understand that my Nautilus looks like the GTK3 one…
I don’t have access to the new features of the GTK4 version.

If you’re using Adw-dark or Adw-gtk3-dark, that’s the whole idea–Gtk3 (aka Legacy Applications) and Gtk4 applications should be matching. :wink:

maybe call a pacman -Qi nautilus to see the dependencies it needs :small_airplane:

Sorry, I’m going to pass for a noob (and a boomer). It was an option to activate…
The feature I was looking for was being able to open folders in list view.
My bad !

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