Nautilus compress dialog visually broken

Regardless of Adwaita or Matcha theme, the right-click compress popup in Nautilus looks broken to me. When going for the drop-down menu, the popup to select the type of compression doesn’t fully display.


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I just checked two things:

  1. The issue also occurs in the current minimal iso live system for Manjaro GNOME, so this seems to be a general issue and not just a misconfiguration on my side.
  2. I’ve also checked the current GNOME OS nightly, where with Nautilus 42.alpha the dropdown doesn’t go to the left but to the bottom instead.

Is there anything I can do at this point? Is this a known bug for Manjaro already? It looks like reporting to GNOME/Files is not useful because there’s already a rework of this menu in discussion and the alpha has it fixed with the old dropdown menu.