Nautilus and issues with displaying thumbnails for RAW photo files

I’ve tried installing raw-thumbnailer, I’ve tried editting /usr/share/thumbnailers/ufraw.thumbnailer to add my desired MIME types. I tried nautilus -q and rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/* , I set it in Nautilus’ preferences that it should preview thumbnails for all files under 4096MB, but nothing works.

Things get even weirder. After I do these edits, Nautilus will display thumbnails for newly copied raws, but it won’t retroactively show the thumbnails for files already on the hard drive.

This has been doing my head in for months. Any ideas?

  • Close all applications and windows except your terminal of choice (or log off and log into a TTY)
  • Do the rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/* again
  • sudo reboot
  • Try again.


Nope. Nada. Still doesn’t work.

I’m going to bump this as I still haven’t found a solution.

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(The only person reading this is the person who ran out of ideas originally as it doesn’t use raw files. Try finding where the thumbnails for those kind of filesare kept and delete the cache for them)

Workaround: run a find script that renames all files by appending a character to all file names. Run script again to restore all filenames back to normal. They should now be considered new files and get their thumbnails.

See also this

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Thank you. But that is way above my level of competence. I had a look at the link you provided, but I wasn’t able to understand much of it.

Thank you. I guess I’ll have to learn to live with this.

Let’s take it one step back:

  1. What happens if you:

    touch ~/Pictures/example.raw

    (Where example.raw is obviously a real picture somewhere in your picture folder of a picture that doesn’t currently show a thumbnail)
    Does it show the thumbnail?

  2. If that does work, what are the criteria you want to apply? (E.G. Anything before 2020-01-01, All .raw files, …


No. Nothing happens.

This did the trick for me, go to the bottom of the thread and replace the content of the file “/usr/share/thumbnailers/gdk-pixbuf-thumbnailer.thumbnailer” as mentioned in the thread.

However dng file thumbnails are still not showing …
Would have gone back to KDE if it had a decent email client like Evolution :frowning:

Thunderbird with calendar plug-in did the trick for me…

(The problem with Evolution is that there is only 1 dev left and he does bug fixing only, no more new features, so it might as well be abandonware…)


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I tried Tbsync, did not work for me :frowning:
I might give KMail another shot once I have the patience… There is too much configuration to be done to make it work :smiley:
Weird that Thunderbird does not have Caldav/ Carddav/ Google contact & calendar support inbuilt like KMail or Eveolution. And after every TB update - the extension would stop working. I was earlier using the plugin which allowed syncing my google contact - now it is dead.

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This doesn’t work for me. Still no thumbnails. I’ve already become accustomed to having no thumbnails for my raws…

Aparently this works but it’s very slow as it processes the raw files and since my raws are all 36MP files and I have tens of thounsands of them… it’s gonna take a while…

While good enough, I was hoping for a faster way of doing this.

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