Nautilus and issues with displaying thumbnails for RAW photo files

I’ve tried installing raw-thumbnailer, I’ve tried editting /usr/share/thumbnailers/ufraw.thumbnailer to add my desired MIME types. I tried nautilus -q and rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/* , I set it in Nautilus’ preferences that it should preview thumbnails for all files under 4096MB, but nothing works.

Things get even weirder. After I do these edits, Nautilus will display thumbnails for newly copied raws, but it won’t retroactively show the thumbnails for files already on the hard drive.

This has been doing my head in for months. Any ideas?

  • Close all applications and windows except your terminal of choice (or log off and log into a TTY)
  • Do the rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/* again
  • sudo reboot
  • Try again.


Nope. Nada. Still doesn’t work.