Native support for ROC-RK3588S-PC SBC?

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all doing awesome!

I took the plunge and picked up this credit card sized development SBC - Firefly ROC-RK3588S-PC 8/64 config, & it has been an exciting learning experience, 3d gaming and M.2 storage functionality has been challenging with my current knowledge of RockChip based sbc’s. (I Have an Asus TinkerBoard 2s too)

I’ve been playing around with the latest distro’s (Debian/Ubuntu) provided by the Firefly-Team, learning that I’m an expert kernel/software breaker, attempting to enable hardware usability that may not have been included when they compiled the kernel(s).

Any plans for supporting Firefly hardware directly?
I’m exceedingly new to development, however my background in software/hardware testing, is where I believe I can contribute.

Any & All RK3588 hardware/driver/software/OS creation & integration, Gl/Vulken/3D driver functionality, and support of integrated Pcie M.2 SSD/NvME storage/boot. (Not fully implemented? *See my post) is what I’m hoping to see happen within the Manjaro community.

Would be overjoyed to have a fully functional Manjaro environments, for daily desktop usage utilizing both of my Rockchip based systems. :smiley:

This unit is full of “advertised” potential, and hope I can assist further development of native support/function!


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The rk35XX platform in general is pretty new, where the rk3588 is the flagship, which have only recently started to get stuff upstreamed into the kernel.

Of course we want to support the platform, but we can’t do much until the kernel catches up.

If I was to take a guess on when we might see proper mainline Linux running on rk3588 I would say maybe in the beginning of next year.


Excellent! I’ll keep bugging the Firefly dev’s as much as they’ll respond too… :smiley:

Firefly likely can’t do much before the majority of the drivers are accepted. :slight_smile:

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I did not think of that! :laughing:

You can ask them to enable config for the hardware you use in their bsp kernel so they can provide you with a new image to try.

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