Native Audio Amplification Missing

Hey guys! In Manjaro 22.1.3 Gnome 45, I noticed that the Audio Overamp feature (present in the Settings app or in Settings → Sound in other distributions) is no longer present. How do I restore it or is there any practical application that offers this?

Hi @natan,

According to :

In Gnome, enable overamplification like this:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.sound allow-volume-above-100-percent 'true'

Hope this helps!

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So it is! I want Overamplification, but to be activated only when I click on a button like Allow Overamplification, and the person complains in the thread precisely because even if I enable this button, Overamplification does not work. So from what I understand, it’s a flaw in Gnome that hasn’t been fixed yet. I used Ubuntu until a few days ago but I didn’t use this feature, so I don’t know if it works on it.

Nope. It’s a deprecated function that used to live in Tweaks that was dropped from Settings a long time ago. However, Ubuntu disagreed and maintains a patch.

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