Nanopc-t4 wifi doesn't work

my Nanopc-t4 have wifi module, and I try to change the brcm-stdio file which I can find in armbian, but I find it doesn’t work
when I use
sudo dmesg | grep "brcmfmac"

[   13.481227] brcmfmac: brcmf_fw_alloc_request: using brcm/brcmfmac4356-sdio for chip BCM4356/2
[   13.482082] usbcore: registered new interface driver brcmfmac

what I should do ?

Run this command
sudo pacman -S kvim2-firmware

And then reboot to check if it works.

It doesn’t work, I tried to add the file that kvim2-firmware does, but it didn’t work, what should I do?

What is the output of sudo dmesg | grep bcrm after installing kvim2-firmware ?

It’s null, and doesn’t show me anything, I am sorry to see your reply so late

This works for me.