Mysterious history.db file

I have Manjaro Xfce on my laptop. This installation was installed on Oct 31st 2021 on a clean partition.

Several days ago I discovered that there is a folder in my home folder called “history”. And in this folder there is a file called history.db. This is what I see if I check it with the file command:

[blueflame5@blueflame5-inspiron3521 history]$ pwd
[blueflame5@blueflame5-inspiron3521 history]$ file history.db
history.db: SQLite 3.x database, last written using SQLite version 3036000, file counter 1, database pages 3, cookie 0x1, schema 4, UTF-8, version-valid-for 1

Properties show that the file was created on Nov 8th 2021, which means it was created only about a week after the OS was installed.

I don’t remember I installed SQLite specifically. The only possibility is that it was installed along with some other program, but I really can’t figure out what that program might be. I thought maybe Opera, which I installed a few weeks ago, but when I run Opera the list of active tasks doesn’t show sqlite3.

I don’t have many programs installed, and those that are present are pretty usual and common.

Is this mysterious file (histroy.db) a cause for concern, or should I just ignore it? Is there a way to determine which program installs and uses sqlite3?

Ignore it. It’s done by mame. See

pactree -r sqlite should give some info.

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I don’t have a directory by that name in my home directory, but I do have a file named .sqlite_history directly under my home directory.

SQlite is used by a whole slew of applications, from address books and email clients over to calendars and who knows what else.

You may be able to find out what package the file belongs to with… :arrow_down:

pacman -Qo history.db
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Yes, I have Mame installed here.

According to pactree command, It seems that sqlite is not directly connected with mame, or maybe I’m not reading its output correctly? Here’s the output of pactree -r sqlite

This is what I get:

[blueflame5@blueflame5-inspiron3521 history]$ pacman -Qo history.db
error: No package owns history.db

I would just like to add some additional debugging suggestions if you have a similar situation in the future so there is no mystery.

Not for files in $HOME.

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