Mysql upgrade 8.0.28-2, and then it can't work!

mysql upgrade 8.0.28-2, and then it cann’t work!
after upgrade, mysql needs libicu71-7.1.1.but manjaro doesn’t have it.
I try to use “yay Ss libicu”, but can’t find libicu71…

AUR package support should be asked in the corresponding AUR page. AUR packages are never guaranteed to work, as it might be written with Arch in mind which has faster package updates by default. You can switch to testing / unstable branch if you badly need it (unstable should be fairly inline with Arch), with a price of stability.

mysql is an AUR package. AUR packages are targetted at Arch versions.

However, since the AUR PKGBUILD actually builds the package on the system (see the build step here), the resulting package should use the libraries available on your system. But that PKGBUILD is only version 8.0.28-1, and mysql is not in the Manjaro repository.

So where did you install mysql from exactly?
To me it looks like you are using a third party repository (like chaotic-aur), which is not garanteed to work with Manjaro Stable/testing branches.


OK, I got it., thanks.

You could use MariaDB instead of mysql.

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package is icu, 71 is only in unstable (today)
Aur is synch with archlinux, not manjaro :wink: