MYKI Password manager install

I searched through the topics and it looks like this cannot be installed on Manjaro.
I tried the .appimage and the .snap and the Arch Linux from the myki site but cannot get any of them to install.
I know I must be doing something wrong.
First time trying these kinds of installs.

Snap support shall be enabled first.

Their Arch Linux package uses an incorrect .pacman extension, it should be .txz instead.

mv MYKI-latest.pacman MYKI-latest.txz
sudo pacman -U MYKI-latest.txz

Though, i suggest first enabling Snap in pamac, and look for myki there, so that it can be updated with the rest. If you don’t find it there, you may try another way to install it.

Got it installed per your renaming instructions from above.
However it crashes when I go to run it.
It looks like there might be some other packages to install to get it running.
I will investigate and report back here on what I find.

Also needs gnome-keyring installed and then it works

Node.js can create multi-distro packages like .pacman, .deb, .rpm, etc. It can be installed like any other package:

sudo pacman -U package-name-1.0.pacman
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