Mycroft-package available in pamac, but not in online-search

Hi there,
I saw that there is a new release for the mycroft voice assistant: Release v21.2.0 · MycroftAI/mycroft-core · GitHub The according package is called mycroft-core and when I search for it in pamac, I can find and install it. But when I search online on Discover Packages On Manjaro Linux for it, it does not appear. Does anyone know why?

AUR packages are not listed on Discover as they are not packages but scripts which create the given package.

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It is in repo though.

I guess it got added recently. Discover is just not up-to-date…


According to pamac it isn’t a AUR-package:

Hmm not that recently, already available for some months. Additionally it does not seem available on GitLab too: Community · GitLab

Well, yeah. Then discover has not been updated for several months it seems.

Indeed. Unfortunately there is quite some stuff missing there as well.

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Thanks for all your answers. Is there a way I can contribute to help getting discover and GitLab up-to-date?

Don’t know.

Let’s ping Vitor @codesardine
I think he is the one developing it.

Discover does not support AUR scripts and that will never be added as is not part of official packages.

If anyone knows how to do a cron job in a docker image that updates pamac database let me know as that is missing.

Like this?

I don’t think this is going to work, has to be in dockerfile syntax.

Why it has to be in the dockerfile?
Just put it into the file which is executed from the dockerfile.

Something like echo "*/30 * * * * /usr/bin/pacman -Syy" | crontab -

Did not think of that I will try that thanks.

Thank you very much. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

Any updates on this or a timespan when I could ask again?

Last time I want to ask, how to help or contribute or when I can expect this problem to be solved. @codesardine would really like to contribute to Manjaro, but I would need some assistance or Information.

What do you want to contribute for?
Usually gitlab is the place to send a patch, also I have not been available lately to do manjaro related stuff.

@moson , Lets see if this fixes it.