My topic doesn't fit to any Category. Any suggestions?

Hi :slight_smile:

On previous Manjaro forum I had this topic Home Studio with RecBox in Showcase category and I’m confused now. My Frankenstein is not Spin because I don’t maintain ISO image, it’s not software because it’s rather a bunch of tools based on Manjaro Openbox, so where I can continue or there is no place for it and I should come back when I’ll have ISO image (which will not happen soon :grin:)?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Could it perhaps fit under contributions?

You mean Contributions without any subcategory like Contributions | Spins ? I’m not sure I understand correctly :upside_down_face:

Either straight to contributions or contributions/tutorials, I think.

Ok, I clean it a bit and I’ll put it straight to Contributions. Thank you @Chrysostomus :slight_smile:

Nickname checks out.
That’s a free pass, next time just create where you like and complain.

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