My time wrong I cant change

My time was the wrong to set while changing disks.

I can’t change the options of date and time. Even I choose China, or Brazil still time same.
Network time options and other options don’t change time.

What can I do?

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You can change the time settings in the UEFI Bios.

Yeah, but it’s right set. I get along with bios well :grin:

Where are you changing the date? In Manjaro Settings Manager?

Most Linux distros assume the hardware clock is set to UTC and then adjust the display time according to timezone. Windows assumes the hardware clock is set to local time.

This may be part of the issue. Regardless the above arch article should help you set the time correctly from Manjaro.

Thank you
I set manually timedatectl set-time "2021-01-28 06:03:00"

BDW, Do you know how can I reinstall date and time

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I can’t change with GUI, that’s the problem unfortunatelly

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