My terminal keeps dropping, make it stop

Check it, I’m setting up some keyboard shortcuts (I’m brand new to computers btw) and I want to key up a terminal but not the beaster that keeps dropping down. I want a normal window so I tried changing the default terminal to Alacritty. Big mistake. That terminal is ugly and has no settings to make it pretty.
So how can I disable this drop down, yo?

See: apps:xfce4-terminal:dropdown [Xfce Docs]

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Forgive me if I’ve missed the answer. I am unable to proceed. This doc provides details on everything but disabling the drop down feature.
Another option is to just create a key command that opens a window terminal and undo the key command for the drop down terminal, but it seems equally obstinant to this alternative.

I didn’t know xfce4-terminal provides a dropdown feature.

How obstinate? Shouldn’t it be a matter of setting a shortcut for xfce4-terminal ?

There are also settings for defining your preferred terminal.

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Disabling what? It’s not enabled by default. Sounds like you created a keyboard shortcut to xfce4-terminal --drop-down. Remove it. If it’s currently running, you’ll see a tray icon. Right-click and close it.

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A visual solution to your problem can be found in the Xfce Edition video on the Manjaro download page. You should have a look at the video. Fast forward to 18:45 min.

Go to Settings > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts, scroll down to xfce4-terminal --drop-down and change the corresponding shortcut as shown in the video by removing --drop-down. Don’t forget to save.


Short addendum: By the way, no, that can’t be true. From my own experience, I can confirm that the drop-down mode is enabled by default. As also shown in the video, the corresponding keyboard shortcut was already set up after installing the operating system. For me personally, however, this is not a problem, but a welcome feature, because I like the drop-down window.

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