My terminal just bugs

Yesterday I updated the packages, and today the terminal bugs. I could add a link but you know.

Has gnome switched from bash to zsh for default terminal? I’m sure I read something about it in another thread. You may have to edit the default path but my knowledge on this isn’t the best

zsh has been the default shell in the Gnome edition for a while, i can confirm that

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What does that mean, “the terminal bugs”?

Neither bash nor zsh are terminals. They are command interpreters.

A terminal ─ in the context of GNOME Terminal or the similar Konsole in KDE Plasma ─ is a software application running in a window in a GUI environment, and its purpose is to emulate a traditional terminal, which itself is a type of serially-connected console.

Historically, the name “console” was reserved for the locally connected and privileged terminal that the system administrator ─ called “operator” ─ logged into the system with, while “a terminal” was understood to be the unprivileged but similar devices that were used by the other users of the system; the privileged nature of the console was not down to the device itself, but due to the port on the computer chassis that the device was connected to, which allowed one to log in as the root user (or the equivalent superuser account on non-UNIX systems like VMS).

The first terminals ever used were teletype machines, and were later replaced by CRT terminals.

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If the “bug” you are mentioning is related to gnome-terminal issue in the latest stable update, then take a look at this:

In gnome-terminal, go to Preferences -> Under Profiles -> colors -> Untick Use colors from system theme.
After that select a color theme of your liking.


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