My system Screen is flickering a lot

My system config:
cpu:intel i3-3220
graphics card: geforce 210
ram:16gb ddr3(8gbx2)

I have installed manjaro in it and I installed manjaro(kde) with the open-source drivers and the screen flickers a lot and when I use VLC my system gets hang then I have restart it physical

Is any one hear to help me out?

Hello @Brijesh8291 :wink:

  1. KDE is very GPU intensive compared to other DE’s.
  1. The nouveau driver stays on the base clock and will not clock up. That could result in flickering or tearing or freezes on older GPUs, because it could not keep up with the CPU.

Solution should be installing the nvidia driver. Since I have no idea which card it is exactly (here is a list), I can only suggest trying to install the NVIDIA driver: Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro

If you need the 340xx driver, then there is a way:

But you need to stay on a LTS Kernel like version 5.4 or 5.10 :wink: