MY Qv2ray can not run because not have

my qv2ray can not run error like this:

how can i do?
my system is manjaro gnome.

is an AUR package, might work with protobuf package at 3.17.3-1 version that provides the and on Manjaro is only available in the unstable branch for now.

The solution is simple. Rebuild the AUR package.

Can you tell me what I should do?

i try yay -Ss protobuf and find aur/mingw-w64-protobuf 3.17.3-1 (+4 0.00) & aur/python2-protobuf 3.17.3-1 (+4 0.01),and i try install them.
aur/mingw-w64-protobuf 3.17.3-1 (+4 0.00) Install success but can not solve a problem。
aur/python2-protobuf 3.17.3-1 (+4 0.01) install fail.

I literally just did. Rebuild the AUR package.

Since you are using an AUR package, you should know how they work. Else I would recommend you to not use the AUR, since stuff like this happens from time to time.

Usually an AUR package can be rebuild by “re-installing” it from the GUI or with makepkg command.

thanks,i will try it.