My package requests with uniqueness

I recommend some applications/packages for their “uniqueness”:

  1. webtorrent-desktop-bin (AUR) - it allows for streaming of torrent video files. It is open source and as far as I know the go-to solution for torrent streaming.

  2. vimix-gtk-themes-git (AUR) - it is the best Gnome Theme I found so far and it comes in so many flavors, some that are perfect for Manjaro -

  3. aptik-gtk (AUR) - the perfect solution for easy backup your system for migration.

  4. vidcutter (AUR) - the best and simplest tool I found to cut parts of videos in seconds

  5. pdftk-bin (AUR) - Swiss army knife for PDFs

  6. cpod (AUR) - the best and most functional and simple podcast app I found so far

  7. vdhcoapp (AUR) - companion application for VIdeo DownloadHelper browser addon (perhaps the most popular tool to grab online videos)

  8. mindmapp (AUR) - simplest mind mapping tool I found (and it looks modern too)

  9. signal-desktop-bin (AUR) - Signal is the “good” version of WhatsApp

  10. masterpdfeditor-free (AUR) - Although doesn’t seem to be open source, it is the ONLY PDF editor on Linux that is easy to use and powerful enough to create PDF documents. I am making books for the past 5-6 years (with complex designs) and this is the only “app” I found for the job.

  11. freetube (AUR) - the perfect replacement for Youtube (subscription without log-in) - no ads and easy streaming

  12. crow-translate (AUR) - the simplest and most functional translation tool I found. Can use google, yandex, or bing translate + offers voice as well

  13. kazam (AUR) - after testing screen recording “apps” for the past 6-7 years on Linux, this is the only one that I could properly use (simple, easy, works great)

  14. youtube-dl-gui-git (AUR) - you already have youtube-dl in your repos so why not add the GUI version too? you could also add copypastegrab-git that is another GUI for youtube-dl

  15. ciano-git (AUR) - multi-file converter

  16. Imagine (github) - still to me (doing webdesign for many years) is the go to tool to quickly and visually optimize images in batch for the web I could not find any alternative of the sort

  17. Jitsi Meet (github) - by far the best tool (in my view) to replace any video-calling conference. We use it for our weekly podcast streaming on youtube with OBS. I highly recommend this more than any other

  18. Heimer (github) - another great and simple mind-mapping tool

  19. Mini-Diary (github) - really awesome little diary application

  20. cozy-audiobooks (AUR) - simple audio-book player

  21. SubSync (github) - Is there any other alternative to this? It syncs subtitle with audio

  22. Anoise (AUR) - ambient sounds (I could not find an alternative in Manjaro repos)

  23. fondo-git (AUR) - such a beautiful and simple wallpaper changer

  24. raven-reader-bin (AUR) - great RSS reader


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