My package requests with uniqueness

I recommend some applications/packages for their “uniqueness”:

  1. webtorrent-desktop-bin (AUR) - it allows for streaming of torrent video files. It is open source and as far as I know the go-to solution for torrent streaming.

  2. vimix-gtk-themes-git (AUR) - it is the best Gnome Theme I found so far and it comes in so many flavors, some that are perfect for Manjaro -

  3. aptik-gtk (AUR) - the perfect solution for easy backup your system for migration.

  4. vidcutter (AUR) - the best and simplest tool I found to cut parts of videos in seconds

  5. pdftk-bin (AUR) - Swiss army knife for PDFs

  6. cpod (AUR) - the best and most functional and simple podcast app I found so far

  7. vdhcoapp (AUR) - companion application for VIdeo DownloadHelper browser addon (perhaps the most popular tool to grab online videos)

  8. mindmapp (AUR) - simplest mind mapping tool I found (and it looks modern too)

  9. signal-desktop-bin (AUR) - Signal is the “good” version of WhatsApp

  10. masterpdfeditor-free (AUR) - Although doesn’t seem to be open source, it is the ONLY PDF editor on Linux that is easy to use and powerful enough to create PDF documents. I am making books for the past 5-6 years (with complex designs) and this is the only “app” I found for the job.

  11. freetube (AUR) - the perfect replacement for Youtube (subscription without log-in) - no ads and easy streaming

  12. crow-translate (AUR) - the simplest and most functional translation tool I found. Can use google, yandex, or bing translate + offers voice as well

  13. kazam (AUR) - after testing screen recording “apps” for the past 6-7 years on Linux, this is the only one that I could properly use (simple, easy, works great)

  14. youtube-dl-gui-git (AUR) - you already have youtube-dl in your repos so why not add the GUI version too? you could also add copypastegrab-git that is another GUI for youtube-dl

  15. ciano-git (AUR) - multi-file converter

  16. Imagine (github) - still to me (doing webdesign for many years) is the go to tool to quickly and visually optimize images in batch for the web I could not find any alternative of the sort

  17. Jitsi Meet (github) - by far the best tool (in my view) to replace any video-calling conference. We use it for our weekly podcast streaming on youtube with OBS. I highly recommend this more than any other

  18. Heimer (github) - another great and simple mind-mapping tool

  19. Mini-Diary (github) - really awesome little diary application

  20. cozy-audiobooks (AUR) - simple audio-book player

  21. SubSync (github) - Is there any other alternative to this? It syncs subtitle with audio

  22. Anoise (AUR) - ambient sounds (I could not find an alternative in Manjaro repos)

  23. fondo-git (AUR) - such a beautiful and simple wallpaper changer

  24. raven-reader-bin (AUR) - great RSS reader


I don't think this is the right place, but I couldn't figure out where else to make the request. (Prolly missed a button somewhere!)

I would like to request QGIS with Grass.

It is in repositories but directs to Arch and the version is never the same.
I have the option of going with git (though I know little of that) but that puts me on the UNSTABLE or TESTING version, which I do not want!

I would like to have the option of being on the same STABLE version that has been released, and which my co-workers are using on their Windows boxes.

When QGIS releases a new version, I open my QGIS and it states that a new version is available... click here to download.
I go to the site, I think, and I click on the download.

It promptly tells me for Arch Linux to go here... that the here always leads to a previous version.

I believe there are quite a lot of people using this application, but whether you will accept that it is worthwhile is up to you!

Thank you for listening and asking us to make suggestions.

PS. I know I am new and prolly not up to it, but since I don't know for sure, I will ask... If this is something I really want, and think it will be of benefit to others, is there a way I could focus on building it for others when an update happens? If you think that might be possible, I would like to try and volunteer my time to do that. If my naivete keeps me from helping, please also let me know.

A package request for this does not make since, since it's already in the repository.
It directs to Arch, because it's a package we get from Arch.
The reason why versions might be "out of sync", is that you are probably on Manjaro Stable, which is usually a couple of weeks behind Arch, regarding packages.

If you really want an up to date qgis, I suggest switching to unstable branch, where you get all the Arch updates several times pr day.
But only do it, if you really need to and are willing to report issues.

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