Detache the panel (Dash to Panel) from the screen edge and make the edges rounded?


I see this subject here: Move dash-to-dock closer to the screen's edge

I was wondering if it was possible to do this sort of thing with the Dash-to-panel extension. But in my case, I want the panel to be detached from the screen edge and make the edges rounded. Until this feature should be available one day for Dash-to-panel, is there a file in the Dash-to-panel extension source code that I can modify to make looks what I want? And what’s values I must modify?

Thanks for your help.

Note1: Here is the kind of result that I want:


Note2: How to have separator(s) like in the picture above on the panel ?


Flat Remix theme has that detached/rounded panel tweak. Probably works with DtP too.

Unless you want to fork the project and modify it and install your own version, there is no point in doing modifications.

I don’t think there is such feature in the shell theme …
Also, the linked topic is strictly to the DtD, not the panel.

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@bogdancovaciu: The Flat Remix Gnome theme don’t change anything with Dash-to-Panel.

I think I can close this subject because the only solution is to modify the source code of the extension. It will therefore be necessary to wait for an improvement by the developers of the extension, if it is done one day. :frowning:

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