My Package manager keeps failing

I have to update 544 packages but every time I attempt to do so it fails and the amount I need to update keeps piling up.
The messages I get are
“Failed to perform transaction.”
Failed to clone ceph-libs build files
could not satisfy dependencies:
- unable to satisfy dependency 'ocaml<=4.14' required by ocamlnet
- unable to satisfy dependency 'ocaml-base>=0.16.0' required by ocaml-ppx_let

How can I avoid this from ever happening again?

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A - Dont keep unsupported packages.
B - Dont do your updates as a batch - instead update repo packages then the AUR if used.
C - Do both of the above.

This will at least let you update your system.

As to

This probably means you dont have the prerequisites for using the AUR. See the first section. The packages trying to be updated are not in the repos. If you intend to use the AUR then you must read some things;

Did you already :mag: for “ceph” in the forum ?

Remove ceph (if you do not use it :wink: )

(When was your last update ?)


I updated the system a few weeks ago.
No I didn’t search for it. I had no idea what it was.

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