My old HDD is dead, Manjaro won't boot

Hello, this morning my PC won’t boot-up and show this message

About a month ago Manjaro show warning message after boot, that the old HDD that I mounted it as /Backup for Timeshift backup is damage and will failed soon.
Last night I’ve tried unmount the disk in “Disk manager” after that I still can use it like normal until this morning it’s show that message and won’t boot.

How can I fix this?
Do I need to buy a new HDD just for replace the /Backup?

Ok. DIsk is about to fail, what should we do?

I know, let’s use it for another month until it fails.

Ok. Disk failed now - do I need to buy a new HDD for /backup?

No, get one for free! Or just don’t bother backing up!

Well, IMO, assuming these devices are internal - I would definitely go with a 256GB SSD for system and the biggest HDD I could afford for storage and backup.

I’m not familiar with this scenario (DEPEND) for /Backup but I’d boot from USB and find a way to fix that.

I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a system that operates on a single disk - for external backups it’s not a good idea to use a FAILING disk, which is also a single point of failure for the main disk, as a backup disk.

This took quite a long time to write, because I find it hard to type with my eyes streaming with tears whilst laughing until my stomach hurts.

Thank you for the entertainment! Come back soon!

Interessting… which application showed this? TimeShift?

First you need to know if it is physical or filesystem damage…

I assume it is a EXT4 filesystem.

Check which device it is:

lsblk --fs

Show smart data (install smartmontools):

sudo smartctl -x /dev/sdX

:notebook: replace sdX with the correct device.

Is it mounted readonly?

mount -t ext4

Unmount and check it without touching the filesystem:

sudo umount /dev/sdXY
sudo fsck.ext4 -n -y /dev/sdXY

Do a real repair:

sudo fsck.ext4 -y /dev/sdXY

:notebook: replace sdXY with the correct device and partition number.

Also please post the outputs here, so we can follow you.

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I know, let’s use it for another month until it fails.

yes, my bad. I ignored it because the whole disk is just for /Backup and I don’t think it can cause this much trouble and I use this because it’s just laying around :confused:

I use another SSD for /root and another SATA disk for /home.

Thank you, this is the output from each command

lsblk --fs

sudo smartctl -x /dev/sdc

mount -t ext4

sudo umount /dev/sdc1

sudo fsck.ext4 -y /dev/sdc1

Is it unmount because I did unmounted it from Disk manager last night?

I can boot the OS now :smiley:
Looks like it fix something with

sudo fsck.ext4 -y /dev/sdc1

Thank you so much.

This is the warning message, it appeared at the bottom right corner after boot and in the Disks manager.

So now, Can I just Shutdown and take the disk out?

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Yeah, at least you should be able to copy the backup data on another disk. At this moment it was just a filesystem corruption. Without information, I would say there are no more sectors available for relocation if physical damage happens or it is just a false positive because smart data is not readable due disabled at the BIOS/UEFI.

To run smartctl you need to install smartmontools.

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Thank you for your support.
Can I ask a little more question, if I get the new drive to replace this one, what I have to do is plug in, format and mount it as /Backup, am I correct?

yes, basically that’s it. Also change permissions and ownership if needed. Since the predefined owner is always root (UID=0).

I changed the solution flag since your post is just the result, not the solution itself.

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