My newest update lots of missing Manjaro packages

yay -Syyuu
Missing AUR Packages:  bmenu  disman  fcgu-mirrorlist  fonts-nx-desktop  glibc-locales  grub-theme-manjaro  linux515  linux515-nvidia  linux517  linux517-nvidia  linux518  linux518-nvidia  linux518-rt  linux518-rt-nvidia  linux519  linux519-nvidia  manjaro-alsa  manjaro-application-utility  manjaro-base-skel  manjaro-browser-settings  manjaro-documentation-en  manjaro-firmware  manjaro-hello  manjaro-hotfixes  manjaro-icons  manjaro-kde-settings  manjaro-keyring  manjaro-pipewire  manjaro-printer  manjaro-release  manjaro-settings-manager  manjaro-settings-manager-kcm  manjaro-settings-manager-knotifier  manjaro-system  manjaro-zsh-config  matray  mhwd  mhwd-db  noto-fonts-compat  onlyoffice-desktopeditors  pacman-mirrors  pacui  pamac-gtk  plasma-simplemenu  python-manjaro-sdk  systemd-fsck-silent  tabby-terminal-1.0.182  timeshift-autosnap-manjaro  ttf-shadow-fonts  web-installer-url-handler  wrapland  zensu
pacman -Syyuu
:: Starting full system upgrade...
 there is nothing to do

The worrying thing for me is manjaro manager only shows installed kernels. Most of these are related to manjaro. Are the manjaro servers down are have they pulled the plug and I need to find other options?

Hi @LRC1962,

Nah, not actually. Those missing packages are for AUR packages, not Manjaro. And the AUR is neither Arch’s nor Manjaro’s responsibility. It’s a community based system. See here:

That being said, I’ve got to wonder, how long has it been since you last update?

Rather use pamac to update:

pamac upgrade --enable-downgrade --aur --devel
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You are running a unsupported Frankenstein system where it does not have the package databases provided by Manjaro mirrors but some third party.

This third party does not have the manjaro packages. Yay therefore looks in AUR for the packages - but don’t find them there either.

disman is part of kwinft which is in the Manjaro repo but not in Arch repo.

The name fcgu-mirrorlist means nothing for Manjaro but may provide a hint to you.

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It got fixed. Somehow my mirrorlist went from unstable North America to stable defaults.Once that got fixed everything got updated and manjaro packages went back to what they should be.
Think because those packages could not be found in pacman yay went looking for them in AUR.
I do have a very bad habit of being Frankensteinian. It is not a good thing. I am aware of it and if things blow up. Go back and start over. With linux starting over is easy to do and for me clears out a lot of trash.

I know - I am a breaker myself.

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