My mpv config disappeared

I noticed the other day after an update that my mpv looked weird, I then noticed while playing something, after I pressed a keybind that what was supposed to happen did not in fact happen.

Nevermind what was and what wasn’t supposed to happen.

What I found out after going to ~/.config/mpv/ was that my mpv.conf was completely gone, and my input.conf contents were the same as an older backup of that file.

How could this have possibly happened? This shouldn’t be possible, right?

Look in the logs?
pacman shouldnt touch a users home.
And generally outside of home it would create a file like *.pacnew.
There are flags for mpv that will augment or orverwrite user config though.

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I might have installed mpv git from aur at some point temporarily (I don’t think I did, I think i cancelled before I finished the installation, but I still might have), i didn’t set or remove any flags though so I would’ve used whatever flags are in here for that installation PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

Think that might have caused it? where would I see the logs?

To see package management logs: /var/log/pacman.log
Most everything else would probably just be your history … maybe journalctl.

Teah all it showed me is that i installed mpv-git and uninstalled it about a week ago, journalctl didn’t hold anything of interest. It’s strange though because the issue only started maybe 2 or 3 days ago.

I guess this is just gonna have to be a mystery, gonna mark ur first response as the solution since at least it hints at the possibility that the mpv-git installation may have caused it.

Edit: I found out what caused it, it was an outdated autostart script that swapped some mpv config files around; except the config files to be swapped didn’t exist so it ended up deleting my config, it’s all good though I just have a better config now as a result of that.

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