My mouse suddenly got super slow and then broke in a weird way after plugging it in

I’m on Manjaro 20.1.1 with XFCE4.14.

Today while I was working, I was about to get up to do something else for a short while, so I plugged in my wireless mouse (Logitech G700s) to let it charge while AFK. Immediately after plugging it in, its DPI seemed to drop to less than 5, so I had to drag faaaar across my desk to even move it a few pixels.

I was confused by this, so I opened piper, which I had used a few months ago to set it up.

After trying to fix the DPI in piper and clicking apply and rebooting, all my buttons were disabled, as I found out via ratbagctl singing-gundi info, and my mouse pointer now updates its position maybe 3 times per second. It teleports so much that I can barely see where it’s going.

I manually set all the buttons back from “None” to their button number with ratbagctl, so now I can click, but the update rate is still super low and ratbagctl says it’s at 500Hz, but that’s obviously not what it’s doing.

I’ve tried systemctl disable ratbagd and rebooting to let the kernel handle the mouse, but it’s still super messed up that way; same way.

I tried running evhz and moving the mouse around, and it showed me that it’s polling at 3-4Hz. It’s very difficult to use, and clicking something once requires clicking like 10 times to work.

How can I just wipe all this nonsense and reset my mouse settings so I can actually use it again? It doesn’t make sense right now.

I can do almost nothing well on my computer without my mouse working well, so I’m trying to fix this as soon as possible. Any help is appreciated tremendously!

  • Does the mouse work on another machine?
  • If yes:
    • Please create another user
    • Log in there
    • test there

Please feed back.


I booted to Windows with this mouse and the issue persisted there, so it seems libratbag messed up the mouse’s profile somehow. I was able to fix it by running Logitech Gaming Software in Windows and reconfiguring the profile manually. Then, after rebooting back to Manjaro, it worked perfectly again. I’m not sure if or when this will happen again, but I know the solution is to just give up on trying to fix it from within Linux and switch to Windows, at least for now, until libratbag has more control over this.

Thanks for reading and replying!

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