My Manjaro KDE Plasma displays strange text, lines and dots

Yesterday i was using my OS normally, installing OBS and chatting over Discord.
Got an update and i was like “yeah sure, imma update it!”.
Today i woke up and saw strange lines and dots, nothing is readable.
ANY text turned into lines and dots, looks like a Nintendo glitched thing.
I can’t even see what’s going on, and it won’t let me go to login, 'cause the login screen is now random green lines across my screen.
I wish i could explain by using images, but it won’t let me attach photos.
Hope someone knows what…thing, this is.
ALSO, i still have the live USB.

EDIT: It looks like this;

I got that screen on the link by presding Control + Alt + F2, but it’s unreadable.
Answer as quick as you guys can, i wanna record some videos.

Can only guess from here… Maybe this helps:

The problem is, i know that already.
But i can’t type any commands, as the Control Alt F2 turned into gibberish.

Use manjaro chroot script from live ISO

reinstalled manjaro, as it was easier.
but what can i do to avoid this problem again?

Buy AMD card or be vary of each kernel update…