My keyboard can't use @

Hello everyone!

My name’s Diego, I’m from Peru and recently I’ve been slowly changing my mind to try Linux (which I already set up as a dual boot with Manjaro’s latest update).

I’ve been doing this over the weekend, learning how to use the terminal and stuff. My biggest overcome challenge has been setting redshift correctly so that blue light doesn’t kill my eyes.

The one I can’t find an answer to (maybe because Google and other search engines don’t reaed the ‘@’ symbol as I intend it to) is that when i try to type in the symbol @, by either ALT + 64 or CTRL + ALT + Q, the numpad functions take over in the former but on both nothing happens.

I’ve changed the keyboard layout multiple times and it’s really frustating. I’d really appreciate some help; feedback as to how I should format setting searches for manjaro would also be excellent.

Thanks in advance!

Are you not able to type @ by pressing SHIFT+2?

It depends on the keyboards layout.
On mine (nordic) it’s ALTGR+2.

Are you not able to type @ by pressing SHIFT+2?

It depends on the keyboards layout.
On mine (nordic) it’s ALTGR+2.

I’m trying to use the latam keyboard layout, but even in the preview keyboard img there is no @. I found that there is something like CTRL+U and 4 numbers – but that seems like a lot for a very common symbol.

My Windows keyboard layout is latam Spanish (Perú) while my system language is in en-GB (that’s so I can keep practising my English haha).

I’ll try these out again but I hope this info helps.

Sounds like your keyboard may be set to ISO English, in which case the combo for @ is: shift+’ (that is the key, two to the left of the enter/return key).

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Try shift + [ {^ (Key) it should be two keys left of enter/return …
like @koeshi said

that would be " @ " on a GB keyboard


Thanks for the help guys!

Unfortunately none of these work. I’ll try making a summary of what I had on WIndows and cant replicate on Manjaro:

My physical keyboard’s key layout is english.
On Windows, the input layout is Spanish Perú / Latam (here the @ is CTRL ALT Q or ALT + 64 )
The system language itself was English-GB

I hope it isn’t too confusing. Here is a screenshot of the keyboard:

hmmm i try on uk keyboard and (altgr +2 ) work. sad i cant load screenshot

language English -GB
windows english keyboard
Spanish (Latin American) Layout