My Gnome login password randomly stopped working?

I just booted my laptop that I haven’t upgraded for a few weeks and now the Gnome login randomly does not work.

I can switch to a VT and my login works fine. Just not in the Gnome login screen all if a sudden.

I haven’t done anything with sudo at all lately.

Any ideas what can cause this?

Oh, that’s weird, I switched back from the VT to Gnome login, then all the glyphes and graphics were messed up (f.e. squares instead of letters and icons), then I tried my password and it works now.

Really random.

While my password was broken, my capslock key which normally behaves as my control key went back to being a capslock key.

But now it’s back to control. Things seem back to normal.

Was switching to a VT, logging in, logging out, then switching back what fixed it?

Any clues from the glyphs and graphics being messed up when I switched back?

More frequent updates are recommended for a rolling release.
Was your system updated to the next Gnome version 3.38?

Where you are setting the behavior, the xkb_options ctrl:nocaps is not applied globally I assume. It is correct behavior for GDM to not pick up your user xkb options.

Well, whatever version of Gnome I have, it’s been that way for weeks and working fine, then all of a sudden the login stopped working. The version of Gnome hasn’t changed. (I can look it up when I get to comp)

I applied the setting in Gnome settings or Gnome tweak tool (not a Xorg setting). Normally the setting applies anywhere in Gnome for me (including GDM login, which seems to use last user’s settings).

It seems as if something got corrupted somehow, and somehow it is back to fixed (I haven’t done anything except switch to a VT, login, logout, switch back to GDM).