My files from folder gone

Guys I need your help. I was try to sync my local folder to Google Drive using rclone, and I use mount commend on my local drive. All my files from this folder was gone and rclone copied there files from my Drive.

Is there any way to get back my files from local folder.?

Hi @Kiki_McArron,

When you mount something, the directory to which you mount it must be empty. For example if you mount /dev/sda1 on ~/Downloads then ~/Downloads must be empty. If it isn’t, it will display only the contents of the mount, not both.

Now I know but is there any solution to recover deleted files

If you unmount it, it should show the previous content again.

nope, after unmounting the folder was empty

Then, have a look at Testdisk for data recovery. I used it once for about 2TBs worth of data.


But do it from a live session. So that there’s nothing accidentally being written to the disk.

Edit 2:

I’ve removed the solution, for now. You can re-mark this as the solution if you finished and it was successful.

Do you know any method to change names and sort the recovered files to original values?

No. For me that was done with the recovery.

maybe when it done recovering it will fine some known folders and filenames because for now (it’s about 10% scanned) there are tens of folders with random named files, like this:

OK, yeah. Let it finish the scan first.

You won’t get the original names back (nor any other metadata, such as timestamps, path hierarchy, and permissions) since Testdisk / Photorec recovers files by scanning for known file-type signatures, and trying its best to find continguous blocks. (This is useful if the filesystem itself was damaged / wiped / overwritten.)

EDIT: I still don’t understand how you deleted everything in the folder?

Do you mean folder is there but all files in the folder gone? I met this several months ago. I switched to Windows and use diskgenius to recover my files.

Exactly as You said. After mount gdrive to my local folder all old data gone and in place of them there goes files from my gdrive. When I unmount gdrive, folder is empty.

Photorec recover 400000 files in 500 folders :hear_no_evil: how can I find my lost files there? :sob:

… look at the contents …
yes, one by one - no way around that

You now have a copy of all your files (what was recognized by photorec)

And don’t know what to do with it.

Perhaps it is still possible to recall
what you actually did (the mount command - and possibly more)
In order to have a good guess at what might have happened
this would be good to know.

I restart my Manjaro and run Photrec. It works for 8 hours and couple minutes ago done.

I mean, after mount, when I realize there is no my old data I restart my computer and saw folder empty