My current update list is a bit unusual

I found that my current update list is a bit unusual:

Package (3)              Old Version        New Version        Net Change  Download Size

multilib/lib32-systemd   252.1-1            252.2-1             -5.03 MiB       0.80 MiB
extra/python-setuptools  1:65.5.1-1         1:65.6.0-1           0.00 MiB       0.58 MiB
extra/qt5-base           5.15.7+kde+r175-1  5.15.7+kde+r176-1    0.00 MiB      13.03 MiB

while I have the systemd version is only

❯ pacman -Qi systemd | grep -E 'Name|Version'
Name            : systemd
Version         : 252.1-2
the source
Server =$repo/$arch


Your mirror is out of date. I moved your post to a new topic.

I rechecked for updates: now I see 64-bit version of the package.
thank you!

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