My computer won't boot up and will go to a black screen

I have been trying to boot up my laptop, but it will just go to a black screen with /dev/nume0n1p2: clean, 495914/62496768 files, 23903928/249972404 blocks. I’ve updated my system using “sudo pacman -Syyu” and rebooting it. Didn’t work. I tried changing my mirrors and that didn’t work. I also used “Startx” and that didn’t work. I’m new to Linux and my computer has been working fine since, but now I can’t boot it up. Please help.

What was the output when you tried startx?
Since when did this issue start appearing?

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Helllo @Pizzamax7 :wink:

Since your are new, please take your time and read this explanation:

When I did Startx, it said it was Refusing to run on UEFI and a bunch of EE messages, such as “(EE) fatal server error”, “(EE) no screens found(EE)”. This started yesterday, I’ve been using Manjaro for a week or two now and this has never happened, I don’t know how or why it happened.