My computer fails to boot

I recently installed an nvidia driver on the add/remove programs app and I was prompted to reboot my computer. When I did so, everything failed and I just booted into nothing except for some illegible text at the top (my monitor’s fault) what do I do I am very worried and I am not in the mood to lose all of my files.
I have restarted my computer numerous times and nothing has happened. Please help me this is scary.

For GPU drivers, you can rely on Manjaro HardWare Detection instead, also accessible from Manjaro Settings Manager.


I followed all of the instructions correctly and chrooted in and removed the faulty video driver but what should I do next? I am not sure what to do other than stare at my live install

After removing the superfluous package, have you tried reinstalling the driver with mhwd ?

I’m not sure what you mean

Update: I saved my install and I was able to boot into my computer but my keyboard doesn’t work

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