My cat messed up my laptop by walking over my keyboard, please help

My cat walked/sat on the keyboard and now the whole screen is kind of zoomed in, and you move the cursor around to see the other areas of the screen, if that makes sense. I can’t figure out what she has done. She didn’t access the settings or anything, so I suppose it must be a keyboard shortcut, but I looked through those and couldn’t see anything relevant… can anyone help, or am I going to have to re-install the OS?

You don’t state with DE you are using, but in KDE you use ‘Meta + =’ to zoom in and ‘Meta + -’ to zoom out, may be the same for other DE’s?


Or try Meta+0 or Ctrl+0 to reset it to the default. Other than that, no idea man. Sorry.

And this is why I keep my cats away from my PC. They don’t even come in the office all that frequently.

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Ah! That is it! Thanks so much, both of you!
It’s pretty hard to keep them away from the laptop - they seem to be drawn to it…


It’s the heat. Nice 'n comfy. But yeah, I get it!

I am sad that I just witnessed how a perfect opportunity to make a “mouse” joke was passed by… :cry:

Hey, to be fair (towards me) there was no mouse…

Perhaps you could get a lapdog to keep the cat away from your laptop. I suppose now, we have a new noun: a lapcat - a cat that occupies the keyboard area of a laptop.

That’s just an alias for cat.

It is still a noun, though.

Cat is both a noun and a verb. I mean, what do cats do best? They cat. So

alias lapcat='cat'

is correct.


Actually, I think it’s closer to

alias lapcat='cat --action=be --position=laptop --alternative-position=lap'

but it’s still just an alias to cat.