My bootable USB drive of manjaro isn't showing up in windows and boot options

Actually initially usb had some data so I successfully copied it in one of the drive but after making it bootable using rufus for manjaro now usb drive isn’t showing up in windows. So I decided to check whether it is there in boot options or not but it wasn’t there also. So I again opened windows and unplugged usb then again plugged in computer made that sound of plugging out and in but the drive didn’t showed up in this PC.
Please help!


If you still want to access the USB from Windows and have access and control over the files and ISO, then use ventoy
Windows does not handle iso9660 on a usb stick as mass storage device, only as a CD-rom drive. Hope that clears things up.

Ohk I will try it.

It worked but I don’t know why when I open something its lagging by three to four sec. But windows is working flawless one click and opens up. While manjaro is supposed to be much faster than windows that’s why I booted, is there any problem why is it working slow?

Are you booting Manjaro from the USB and accessing the USB from that live environment? Or is that from installed Manjaro system the access to the USB is slower?

On what tasks ?

It’s installed.

Anything like opening files or settings it is like buffering for 3-4 sec to open up.