My boot loader shows the other linux partition but not windows

hello i have a problem with boot, let me explain my partition/boot loader mess:
i have two 250 Gb SSD which on one there’s Windows 10 installed with legacy grub type boot manager and MBR partition table(the grub boot loader is a residue from an old linux dualboot),
in the second is installed Manjaro with a UEFI grub type boot manager
and i have another three 1 Tb drives (savaged from other dual boot sistems) which on all three the partition table is MBR and they have all grub installed,
on one of the three drives there’s a partition with Kde neon installed legacy bios style (the grub on that partition can detect and start windows)

now i know that its a really bad mess but i don’t have space to do a backup and just format all the ■■■■ that’s on there

i don’t know why but when i do the
sudo update-grub
on manjaro detects only kde neon and manjaro
but when i go boot from the kde neon partition and i do
sudo update-grub
it detects windows, kde neon and manjaro :thinking:

it would be good if it was an ssd as a bootloader but its an hdd so it takes half a second to just load grub :expressionless:

i just want to extirpate all the hot mess with grub boot loaders on all the disks and reinstall one on the manjaro ssd

(sorry if i misspelled something :sweat_smile: )

Welcome at the forum @Dos_Dj

Simple to answer: Systems booted in UEFI don’t find BIOS booted systems and vice versa! If you intend to use grub to boot the other systems they all must installed either in UEFI mode or all together in BIOS mode.

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so there’s nothing i can do without formatting the disks?
and why the BIOS kde neon can see my UEFI manjaro installation and viceversa but only kde installation can see windows?
from what you been saying that should not be possible :man_shrugging:

Have you tried to boot Manjaro from your KDE Neon grub?

yes i tried and it works but the point is that i want to delete all the junk grub bios on the other sistems and i want to reinstall one single bootloader on manjaro partition if i have to erase the manjaro disk i can do it i somehow succeeded to moove all my files to different disks so if the provlem is UEFI bootloader i can delete the problem but i want also clean up all the grub partitions on my file disks :sweat_smile:

What do you get if you run sudo os-prober from Manjaro?

/dev/sdb1:KDE neon User Edition 5.19 (20.04):neon:linux

I think I misunderstood something in my previous messages.

Anyway, your KDE Neon can see Windows because both are installed in legacy BIOS mode. Manjaro is installed in UEFI mode, so it can’t boot Windows. When you boot Manjaro through Neon’s grub, you are actually booting in BIOS mode (that’s why I asked if it worked).

I don’t know what solution you want to implement, but just you know that it is possible to convert a Windows BIOS installation into UEFI installation (for example: _ttps://

can you return

sudo parted -l 

@cfinnberg ask always to get all disks infos for that

yeah thats a solution i can do but i still want to remove the grub bootloaders from my file hdds, previous to be file hdd they was sistem hdd so they have grub installed on it, and my motherboard loses time loading bootloaders that now are useless… and if i remove that autoscan line in my mother board bios configuration files the motherboard can’t boot from usb… (i’m doing a modded pc, and my intend is to do the lowest booting time/performance for my specs)
thanks, tho for the windows uefi conversion :smile:

i tried and it didn’t work… but i had a solution: one year ago i remembered that i had a windows program called minitool partition wizard on one of my hdds that can use to create a windows emergency usb/cd/iso (based on Win PE) that can resize, convert fat exfat fat32 to ntfs and btrf i think and it can also convert a MBR disk to GPT without formatting and he rebuilds grub and windows bootloader and it worked, i also solved the grub junk on all my disks by converting them also in GPT, the grub bootloaders are gone and i have only the manjaro’s one like i wanted it to be :smiley:

PS: the program wants to be payed for that function (i cracked it cuz i havent money on the card, i’ll pay later for the latest version it helped a lot in this year, even more than gparted :wink:)

thats it guys thanks a lot for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

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