My ASUS Zenbook say thank you to Manjaro


A little message just to tell you a big thank you for all your work. With the help of Manjaro my Asus Zenbook UX435EAL (light weigth) is now ready to work and travel.

I come from Manjaro on Thinkpad T460 and it was fine. But I need a lighter laptop to travel.

I first tried to install Manjaro on my Zenbook but it failed (bad partitionning, dual boot with windows). As I have no time, I finally installed Ubuntu Budgie. But there is a huge problem with energy.

First it was draining my battery on suspend… After changing the kernel mode for suspend to deep, it improves but continue to drain battery a little on suspend.
Then, it use a lot of energy when running (powertop or powerstat say around 9W). Autnomy is not good, maybe 4 or 5 hours…
Even with TLP autonomy is not good at all.

Then I decided to come back to Manjaro and try the minimal install. This time it works. Afeter setting the kernel mode to deep, suspend is now working fine. No more energy use on suspend. 100% battery after one night of suspend to ram! great!

After installing auto-cpufreq, powertop says 6W ! now my laptop can last for 8h ! great

It makes a huge difference from ubuntu!

Thank you devs! you did a good job. Love Manjaro

Little problems remaining:

Thanks again!

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For the sake of truth, everything you described is perfectly doable in Ubuntu too.

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Probably, but I tried everything and never go more than 5h autonomy