My account got deleted by Manjaro forums

most likely happened during the transition to the new forum. My account got deleted. I tried logging in, didn’t work. Made a new account, and bim bam boom. Same email. New avatar. No posts. Nothing. It all got deleted somehow. I didn’t make this change. Manjaro forums probably deleted my account accidentally…


Thats the answer - its entirely new. New database, new files, new all. Your account did not actually got deleted - but you just did not have one on this newest version of the forum software and database - just like all of us.

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Oh… but wait, why? Wasn’t giving the website an overhaul enough? Was the infrastructure of the old database too unsustainable? And, more importantly, can I steal MORE rare usernames?

I find it sad that they did not transfer over the old database. There is a wealth of guides and solutions there that are now not accessible, unless one knows the “super-secret, burn after reading” way to access them. This is a shame.

You still have access to the old forum, there is a link for the archived forum in the bottom of the page. :point_down:t3:

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@Falav I know and understand that, but it is not obvious to your basic user. That is why I said:

It is not in an obvious place for your average new user. Even though I was active on the old forum, and wrote some tutorials, I still tend to think “what would new user do?” when looking for a solution. What may be obvious to you, may not be not obvious to a new user.

Just my two baht. Take it for what you will.


We all find it very sad, but it wasn’t possible.

The best way would be if the original posters on the old forum would transfer the totorial to here.
The link to the old forum is as @Falav mentioned given below in the footer, it is:

Thank you for your reply.

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