Mute Switch LED always ON with HP 840 G6 laptop

Mute Switch mutes the audio but the led indicator on the button is always ON (orange light). The led works on windows.
If somebody has the same laptop and knew how to fix it. Its relative old laptop and most probably the fix exist.

My case is similar to support topic here at the forum with title “Mute Switch LED not working Hp Omen 15”

I have tried whatever HP related “model” option exists in the kernel documentation but… no success.

I have tested with Fedora 36 and Ubuntu 22.04.1 - the same behavior. Probably need some magic :slight_smile:


In principle it should be like for this model HP EliteBook 840 G1 - ArchWiki

Or something using this Activate mic mute function key, ubuntu 18.04, HP Elitebook 820 · GitHub

More detailed description here

Thank you so much for the answer! Unfortunately its not helping.

Actually the key is working but the LED light does not change to mute and unmute. It’s always on (orange light) state. The same story actually is with the sound mute key but there the LED is always OFF which does not irritates me. :slight_smile:

Ah, so both keys actually do switch on/off wifi and sound, is just that the led for both are not working to show the actual state …
This is the only thing i found about that wifi led that might help you out

Thank you for the kindness!

I want to upload picture and link to show what I want to explain but because I’m new to the forum - I cannot do it.
Yes, the keys are working fine. The LED lights of the MIC and MUTE are not working how it is expected to be. Wifi light is working fine. Num-lock light as well and Caps lock also.