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Is there a package out there that will scan music folders, read the mp3 data, then rename the filenames, and put the files in an order of Artist, album and then song name?

Clementine can do all of that:

sudo pacman -S clementine

You can also try Elisa. It comes pre-installed with KDE:


GitHub - clementine-player/Clementine: Clementine Music Player

Clementine Music Player for All Your Audio Needs - It's FOSS

GitHub - KDE/elisa: Simple music player aiming to provide a nice experience for its users

I think he is asking for software to go through his library, read the IDTags of the music and then rename the files and folders accordingly.

Yes I am and it looks like Clementine will do that.
I read an article online that said Clementine hasn’t been updated in 3 years and it looks like Strawberry is replacing it.
I am not sure if that is accurate though.

Nope that’s wrong. Clementine has been in active development since 2016:

It has not had a release since 2016 though. :slight_smile:

There may not be a package for what I need.
I have some songs that in the .mp3 tags says unknown album, unknown artist and doesn’t have a title or file name other than something like 05 track 5 or something like that.
When I play the song I know what it is. So I have to fill in the information manually.
I was wondering if there was some way to have a piece of software figure out how to fill in the info for me.

Ok I just discovered that if I put in the mp3 tag info with the Name of the song and Artist and Album Clementine will name the file for me correctly. So for the songs that don’t have that filled out that will work for me. So never mind on the above request.

I use Kid3

tnx for recommendation!