Murmur (mumble server) systemd unit log errors

I’m having this weird issue with murmur where it keeps constantly spamming the logs with following message:

Could not create AF_NETLINK socket (Address family not supported by protocol)

I did some research and tried leaving RestrictAddressFamilies= blank to temporarily allow all socket types via unit drop-in override file but that did not change the outcome.
Is this upstream issue with mumble or some oversight with packaging on arch/manjaro?

Not sure how to solve this so would like some help.

System is minimal edition of manjaro arm on raspberry pi 4 B.

So i did some testing, setting RestrictAddressFamilies blank does work in sense that the server is no longer throwing errors, i just forgot to set [Service] section.



I did also try reproducing this issue on x86-64 virtual machine with manjaro xfce minimal install however same behaviour was not present on x64 machine.
Could be ARM installation specific issue?

For reference here are systemd unit files from mumble project and archlinuxarm repositories.
Mumble project reference lacks extra hardening added by arch package maintainers.

The ARM is not changed (config wise) compared to the x64 package, so I think it would likely be a kernel issue instead, if the think needs something specific from the kernel.