MUMUH V8 released

I do realise this has been quiet and it looks as if it has been abandoned.
However, it hasn’t. But there was a snag that I really did struggle with. I considered abandoning it many, many times. I finally got the answer to that, though, so It’s back. I think.
This version brings a complete change in the way a log file is generated.
It keeps the logs in RAM until the end, when it flushes it to the disk. This ensures two things, according to me:

  • those with SSD disks will have less wear on the disks; and
  • since RAM is much fast than discs, both SSD as well as mechanical, that the logging takes up less resources and everything works smoother, with less lag, or potential for lag, in my opinion.
    The logs have also been updated to not have every instance of a backspace and replacement characters in them, significantly reducing the size, as well as the amount of characters in the logs. (As in shrink them from more than 10MB to a few KB or less.) This was my greatest struggling point, which I finally figured out how to do.
    So I present to you, version 8. a Much improved version.

Find it here:


Original announcement thread: My Universal Manjaro Update Helper