Multiple Steam games issues

I’ve been trying to run a few Steam games but I’m getting terrible performance. I have a Ryzen 7 4800h + GTX 1650ti and I would have assumed that I could at least get decent performance on older games but that’s not the case.

Dota 2 - Works fine.
Counter Strike :Global Offensive - Works fine.
Company of Heroes 2 - Low FPS.
Total War: Rome 2 - Low FPS.
Bard’s Tale IV - Low FPS.
DiRT Rally - Crashed the system after starting the game.

It seems that Valve games don’t have any issues. I’ve tried running them with -high launch options, with prime-run options. Nothing seems to work. Searching online doesn’t seem to have anything. Does anybody have insight into what might be causing the low FPS on the other games?

BTW, all the games are running on native Steam, except for Total War: Rome 2, which is run through Lutris’ Wine Steam.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Maybe have look here:

Since Steam officially support only Ubuntu, there have to be done some adjustments.

Yeah, that’s kind of disheartening. I’ve checked the page and it helped me run the games (except for DiRT Rally, I’m still trying to figure out the paths.) but it can’t help me with the FPS issues. Guess I’ll just stick to what works.