Multiple pages per sheet prints in wrong order

Edit: Found the solution, see below

So I’m having a strange issue with printing.
I’ve set up my Epson Office BX925FWD (compatible to Epson Workforce 840) in KDE using a printer driver from AUR - which I need for advanced functions like two-sided printing and accessing the 2nd paper tray.
Overall, the printer seems to work fine with the driver - which I have been using in the past, too.

However, I can’t seem to correctly print jobs with more than one page per side.
I’m using Okular to print a pdf and I want to print 4 pages per sheet (2 pages per side), with binding on the short side. Which is more or less what I get - but the order is wrong. It’s always 2 - 1, 3 - 4 when it should be 1 - 2, 3 - 4.
I’ve tried various settings, like sorted output on or off, reverse order on or off, changing the sequence from “left-right, up-down” to various others like “right-left, up-down”, etc.
To no avail - I always get the same backwards order.

Any ideas where to start?

Kernel: 5.9.3-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 10.2.0 Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.20.2

Edit: As it turns out, the solution seems to be not to use landscape but rather portrait orientation. In Windows I always had to choose landscape for that kind of print (and I thought back in Gnome, too), but apparently not in Manjaro KDE…