Multiple issues after update

After today’s update

Continued Issues
Settings: date/time issue continues - now you cant change the date/time from Jan 10, 2116 20:34
Lolly Pop:head phone issue continues - still doesnt play through the head phone but through the speakers
Software: continues not to display available software and it was not aware of today’s update until sudo pacman -Syyu was ran

New issue
Global app issue:The X in an minimized app upper right hand corner is missing and there is no intuitive way close an opened app

New app
Disks: - displays partition info although it report SD 32GB and I dont have one present (Maybe I am reading it wrong)

Image Viewer: First impression is it that is working a little more “smoother”

Still well done and I am looking forward to contribute one day!!

Swish up to close apps now. It’s a new feature.

The date/time issue was solved by changing it in terminal. The change survived a power on/off and hasn’t lost time in a couple of days.

Yeah the swipe up!