Multiple fstab files in /etc/fstab.d


I am running an nfs server at home. There are many shares. There are client labtops and pcs. All are running manjaro. I would like drop in a file in the client machines which will help them mount automatically. Now I manually edit, copy paste every fstab file in client machines when there is a change in the shares.

I read about putting different files under /etc/fstab.d directory in different distros but I wonder if it is possible in manjaro/arch. I have not been able to find information on arch/manjaro wiki.

I appreciate any insight, directions.

Hello @benibilme :wink:

Where? Which Distro? :confused: I read this: 'Re: /etc/fstab.d yes or not (resolved)' - MARC and this:

If you need something like fstab.d then have a look at systemd.mount

I used it also for nfs and it works perfectly good.

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