Multiple files selection


Trying gnome (on a VM). In Files, I cannot select more then one file or directory using the mouse in conjunction with ctrl or shift, only the file I click on is selected. Ctrl-A does select all files. Is there a setting I missed or something?


I am using KDE.

With shift or ctrl, I can select mor than one file (with mouse).

Perhaps you are in the file-open dialog …

Maybe a misconfiguration in properties or somewhere else ?

I use gnome on hardware (testing branch) and cannot replicate this behavior.

Spinning up a gnome vm (virtmanager) on stable branch does not display this behavior.

It might have to do something with your virtualization application?
More info is needed to try to find what causes this issue in this specific situation.

I rebooted my PC from live media, no problem there. This probably has something to do with virtualization. Thanks for the help.

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